“Michael combines expertise with enthusiasm and high levels of energy. His ability to stand back, look at the big picture and then develop effective business solutions, taking the organisation with him is first rate. I have worked as a management consultant with Michael on a number of occasions and have witnessed firsthand his ability to engage and empower those around him. Michael has a collaborative leadership style but is not afraid of taking difficult decisions. He has excellent communication skills and boundless energy. I recommend Michael very highly.

Managing Director – Development Matters Limited was a consultant / contractor to Michael at Eighty Twenty Business Consultancy

“Michael has a great drive to succeed. He is able to balance a strategic drive whilst ensuring he keeps an eye on the detail. His industry knowledge is second to none which when coupled with his determination makes him a first rate leader.

Commercial Manager – BSS Group. Reported to Michael at BSS Group Ltd (Part of the Travis Perkins Group Plc)

“Michael possesses a vast knowledge of the electrical wholesaling and distribution industry across the UK and Ireland. He knows the wholesaling business inside out having successfully performed at every level from running his own electrical wholesaling company to acting as MD for Hagemeyer(UK) Ltd in Ireland. I had the pleasure to work for Mike when he managed the turnaround and ultimately the sale of Eastern Electrical to Edmondson’s Electrical. Without question; he is one of the most tenacious, committed senior managers I have ever worked for. He is dedicated to the cause and is relentless in delivery of whatever task presented to him. Michael is an extremely professional individual of the highest integrity, and I would highly recommend him for any executive position in wholesaling/distribution or to any company requiring support/consultancy in a turnaround situation.

Paul McGrath -Business Service Director, Hagemeyer UK Ltd – Ireland. Reported to Michael at Hagemeyer UK Ltd – Ireland

“I met Michael when we needed a trouble-shooter to deal with the severe problems our subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland had at that time. Michael, a seasoned manager, is an invaluable source of industry and line management knowledge and experience as well as an individual of high personal and professional standards. In his natural decisiveness he was instrumental in restructuring this business and in establishing a sense of urgency amongst his reports. Being a good team player he also easily managed to retain people important to the business and to motivate the employees in rollercoaster times so that they enthusiastically supported the changes so urgently needed. Thereby Michael ensured that we were able to sell this subsidiary adequately when obliged to do so by competition law during our Group’s merger to a former competitor. I would never hesitate to recommend Michael to anybody at any time,

Thomas Hammerschmid – Chief Financial Officer Hagemeyer (UK), Hagemeyer NV. Managed Michael indirectly at Hagemeyer (UK) Ltd

“Michael really is an inspirational leader. His drive, enthusiasm and focus encourages people to perform at their best. He has the ability to overview a situation and direct resources to achieve a common goal. He makes people feel important and part of the team. Combining this with his extensive business experience makes him the full package. I enjoyed working with him.”

David Diamond – Group Data Services Manager, Hagemeyer / Rexel Ltd. Worked directly with Michael at Hagemeyer UK Ltd

“Michael’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious – he has a deep understanding of the electrical wholesale market and puts it into practice at high speed. Never one for standing still, Michael makes success happen

Paul Parker – Chief Information Officer, Rexel UK Limited, (previously Hagemeyer UK Ltd. Worked directly with Michael at Hagemeyer UK Ltd

“I met Michael whilst I worked on the turnaround of the UK Hagemeyer group. Michael used to work for the company prior to its rapid decline and when someone was needed to steer the Ireland region out of its significant problems Michaels name was brought up in Board discussions to become the MD of Ireland. Michael subsequently rejoined the group and within weeks had already started to turn this troubled business. His considered approach and hard work ethic changed the culture as needed and the business began to flourish once more. A man with his eye on the ball, finger on the pulse and an excellent leader Michael would be an asset to any forward thinking company. It would be a pleasure to work with him again sometime.

David O’Byrne – , Interim Deputy Managing Director, Interim Special Projects Director and Interim Commercial Director, Hagemeyer UK Limited. Worked directly with Michael at Hagemeyer (UK) Ltd.

“Michael is enthusiastic, energetic and creative in all that he does. He is is also highly driven and results oriented. That is a rare and highly valuable combination”

Alun Thomas-Group Commercial Director, Hagemeyer UK Ltd. Managed Michael at Hagemeyer UK Ltd

I worked for Michael as part of his senior management team for a number of years in the North East Region and found him to be an innovative and inspirational leader. Mike always led from the front and put faith in his team to deliver results always focussed on the customer and excelling in service above all else. Mike’s approach more often than not was ”outside the box ” in terms of strategy and he always challenged the traditional methods which made working for him all the more interesting and exciting.

David Bemrose – Senior Branch Manager, Newey and Eyre Ltd. Reported to Michael at Newey & Eyre Ltd

I worked with Mike for a number of years, providing Telecoms and IT Services to the sites Mike managed. Mike was always thinking of new and innovative ways to get the right result, always prepared to challenge old practises and above all a superb motivator to all his people. Mike`s enthusiasm and passion ensured things were never dull and I always enjoyed supporting his sites and being made to feel part of the team.

Jonathan Geach – Telecomms Manager, Hagemeyer UK Ltd. Worked with Michael at Newey & Eyre Ltd

“Mike is an exceptional leader who gets to the root of problems and instinctively knows how to get exceptional results quickly. His talent for empowering and developing staff is second to none.

Jim Willshaw – Distribution Centre Manager, Newey & Eyre Ltd. Reported to Michael at Newey & Eyre Ltd

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